Turnkey Services

1. Advise clients about optimal solar design

  • We arrange a full consultation with our consumers to advise them on the different solar design and purchase options that Mitrex provides.
  • At Mitrex, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we ensure each system designed is uniquely tailored to the project needs.

2. Manage the system design

  • Mitrex provides a full system design customized for every project.
  • This includes panel arrangement, system optimization, and design customization.

3. Calculate the system capacity

  • Our team of engineers will calculate the total energy generating capacity of the entire system.
  • Factors such as location, elevation, product and design selection, and orientation will all be included in the analysis.

4. Analyze the future revenue generated from the system and return on investment

  • We calculate the revenue generated based on the system capacity analysis.
  • The Mitrex team will provide consultation regarding the project budget and future revenue projections.
  • We can assist with determining the available tax incentives and subsidiaries.

1. Handle materials planning

  • The Mitrex team will plan the full layout of how our material will be orientated and installed for the project.

2. Construction drawing development

  • We have our team of engineers and architects who will create a comprehensive drawing of the project specifications. 
  • We will also provide the drawing specifications to our consumers for full transparency. 

3. Provide detailed scheduling of project

  • We create and mandate a strict schedule that incorporates every step of the process.
  • We will ensure all the Mitrex products incorporated into the project follow the detailed schedule.
  • We guarantee that all deadlines for the project are met and there is no delay.

4. Budget review

  • We will consistently audit the project budget every step of the way to ensure we are within budget.

Explore ways to reduce cost during construction

  • The Mitrex team will explore all potential avenues to reduce construction costs throughout the project.

1. Solar module production

  • At Mitrex, we manufacture all our products at our North American manufacturing facility.
  • Our high-tech production line guarantees all our products are highly efficient.

2. Compliant with photovoltaic standards and codes

  • All our solar technology products comply with codes and regulation standards. 
  • We test every module produced to ensure they are functional and highly efficient.

3. Safe and durable products

  • We also certify our products for use on the building envelope and guarantee durability and safety ensuring they comply with all building codes

1. Coordinate the project logistics

  • The Mitrex team will handle the project management for the building envelope and solar technology, ensuring all deliveries and logistics occur as scheduled.

2. Ensure quality control

  • We will manage the integration of solar technology to ensure everything is installed with the highest quality.

1. Waterproofing and insulation

  • If needed, Mitrex handles the full waterproofing and insulation of the project with our crew of skilled workers.

2. Installation of solar technology

  • We handle the full installation of the solar system components, making it easy for owners to incorporate photovoltaics.
  • Due to the lightweight nature of our solar components, the Mitrex team is non-intrusive on the construction site and maintains all necessary safety standards throughout the installation process.

3. Testing the system

  • After installing the solar technology, we rigorously test the solar system to guarantee energy is generated at the predicted efficiency.