Testing / R&D

Research and development are at the core of Mitrex. We use our patented photovoltaic technology to create a sun-powered module with customizable surface glass that can have the appearance of any material in the world. The technology used in Mitrex products delivers cutting-edge solutions that feature sleek, elegant designs in an extensive range of sizes, colours, finishes, and designs. 

Mitrex Technology

Photovoltaic Glass

BIPV efficiency relies on the level of light transmitted through the glass to the photovoltaic layer. When colours or patterns are applied to the protective glass layer of a solar panel, light transmittance is affected. 

We study the natural interaction of light and pigment, paying close attention to the reflective and absorbent properties of colour to optimize efficiency and aesthetics. This balance between beauty and efficiency requires us to perpetually innovate photovoltaic glass. 

Mitrex surface glass undergoes an extensive multilayered coating process through an atmospheric process. This process colour-treats the glass through the application of highly efficient and environmentally-friendly pigments optimized for photovoltaics. The coloured layers are fused into the glass, allowing us to produce any design required. The glass coating materials are characterized by high solar transmittance, minimal absorption, and high durability. Treated glass can have reflective, semi-reflective, or matte surfaces depending on the product’s aesthetic requirements. 

Mitrex Technology

Aluminum Honeycomb Backing

Mitrex solar panels are attached to the aluminum honeycomb backing. Our airspace technology takes advantage of the structure of the honeycomb, allowing us to replace what would have been solid metal with a backing that has greater structural integrity. This makes our cladding significantly lighter compared to traditional options and increases the safety and durability of the building facade.


We Test Everything

Our product testing and results are above and beyond the minimums required by building codes. Testing is performed by independent laboratories and universities as well as the Mitrex research and manufacturing facility. Feel free to look through our testing videos below to see our products in action.

Test Videos