Solar Energy

Harness the Power
of the Sun

Mitrex BIPV uses the power of the sun to produce clean electricity. Our systems can be integrated into any building design while meeting all aesthetic needs. Our cladding has the highest structural integrity. It is backed by an aluminum honeycomb sandwiched between layers of solid aluminum sheets, making it both lightweight and extremely strong. From design and building perspectives, Mitrex BIPV systems have limitless applications.


  • Our BIPV systems produce clean solar energy, which is supplied directly to the building
  • Our products are rigorously tested to ensure safety, durability, and integrity

  • Versatile panel components easily meet challenging design requirements

  • Our limitless pattern and colour options inspire architects and designers

  • Lightweight and thin panels allow for seamless surfaces and high installation precision while placing less stress on building foundations

  • Rapid fabrication are a result of our high-tech, automated facility

  • All our products use fire-resistant materials and adhesives

  • Our warranty guarantees exceptional customer support

  • Our BIPV systems contribute to LEED Points and other green initiatives 

Turnkey Services

Mitrex turnkey services can apply BIPV systems anywhere. We handle material solutions, project management, performance testing, and installation. At our state-the-art production facilities, our products can be fabricated into virtually any shape, size, or pattern within three weeks of receiving the design.

Ease of Installation

Mitrex systems have multiple installation methods. Our solar cladding can be mounted onto the building structure in four ways (interlocking channels, Z-clips, anchor plates, or adhesive). Each way allows for variation in depth to accommodate wiring, conduits, or aeration. The different mounting methods allow our BIPV systems to be installed on vertical, horizontal, or angled surfaces at a cost comparable to traditional cladding.

Here For You


Our business model offers every building the opportunity to enter a 30-year solar power agreement. This agreement will lower the initial cost of the BIPV technology, and will also leave Mitrex responsible for the maintenance of the entire system. This makes our systems a risk-free proposition for property developers and owners.