From curtain walls and skylights, to punch windows and wall windows, Mitrex Solar Glass can be incorporated into any building design and window system. Mitrex Solar Glass uses photovoltaic technology integrated into glass products to produce green energy while allowing end-users to take advantage of beautiful views. Specifically, this system uses advanced solar thin-film and monocrystalline silicon cell technology that provides power. We believe solar energy generation should be integrated into any structure touched by the sun, and our versatile glass products do just that.


Window Advantages

Integrated monocrystalline solar cells or thin-film technology

Energy-efficient systems

Code compliant and fire-resistant

Transparency and tint options

Structurally integral, durable, and high thermal performance

Same methods of installation as conventional window systems

Design flexibility to match the structures aesthetic

Highly resistant to moisture, staining, condensation, and weathering

Designed with swing stage access for easy repairs/maintenance


Solar Glass System

Mitrex solar integrated glazed window systems consist of glass layers separated by an aluminum frame and various spacers to ensure the highest insulation level. Mitrex window systems’ exterior layer is two layers of heat-tempered, laminated, low iron glass that surrounds integrated solar cells. The interior glass of Mitrex window systems can be low iron, low-E, or regular glass, depending on the desired design. In between the exterior and interior glass layers, an air cavity separates the two panes to provide a higher insulation value for the system, resulting in superior thermal performance.


Energy Efficient, High Strength Window Systems

Mitrex window systems are structurally integral and maintain their insulating value over time to ensure long-term energy efficiency. We use the most advanced technology to maximize visible light transmittance and minimize the solar heat gain coefficient. This ensures our systems generate as much energy as possible while controlling reflections and glares on the buildings’ envelope.

Mitrex Solar Windows also use window glazing to manage energy efficiency. Mitrex window systems feature glazed windows, with the exterior glass layer consisting of two glass panels. The glazing improves the thermal insulation of the system. At Mitrex, we have developed windows that passively generate energy while also reducing energy loss.


Types of Glass

Mitrex can use a variety of glass in our window systems depending on the application, operation, architectural needs, and energy generation goals. Each glass type results in a unique appearance and set of properties for any window system.


Aluminum Framing

The aluminum frame is an essential element of the window system as it holds the panes and spaces in place and ensures the window system is integrated into the structure of a building. The aluminum frame is also an important factor in energy efficiency and must be sturdy and durable. At Mitrex, we use aluminum frame profiles that maximize efficiency and strength and require little maintenance.


Any Window Application