Railing Systems

The Mitrex SolaRail system extends solar energy generation to balconies, maximizing energy production on otherwise unused surfaces. The system consists of two layers of laminated, tempered glass on either side of a high-efficiency solar cell. The solar technology can be either monocrystalline silicon solar cells or thin-film, depending on the desired aesthetic. Regardless of the technology used, the solar cells are seamlessly integrated into the railing glass, and all wiring and circuitry are concealed in the railing posts or base. 

Mitrex solar railings guarantee strength, durability, safety, and beauty. The application options are boundless; as long as the railing has access to sunlight, solar energy will be passively generated and supplied back to the structure. The railing system can also be customized to meet the desired aesthetic; from the level of transparency to the tint of the balcony glass, the customization extends to metal handrails and posts, with a wealth of options available to suit any design.


Railing Features


Safe & Durable


Laminated, heat-tempered glass 


Various railing size options 


Post, glass transparency, and base options


Numerous installation methods




Railing Glass

The railing glass used in Mitrex systems is heat-tempered, laminated glass. The front glass is always low iron glass to allow for the maximum amount of solar energy to reach the solar cells underneath. Low iron glass is more transparent than clear glass, as clear glass typically has a green hue. The back glass sheet can vary in glass type, including low e glass, low iron glass, or regular glass. The benefits of low e glass are that it minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light entering a building without altering the transparency of the glass. Mitrex SolaRail can also meet bird-friendly requirements through various techniques to make the glass a visible barrier to birds. 

In addition, Mitrex railing systems can have varying thicknesses depending on the building code requirements. Depending on the railing aesthetic, architects and design professionals benefit from the system options in railing applications.


Railing Sizes

Depending on the type of solar technology used in the railing, our size capabilities vary.


The Railing Systems

Base Railing Shoe Systems

Railing Bases

The railing base shoe for Mitrex SolaRail varies depending on the mounting system. The base shoe meets all code requirements and guarantees the safety of the system. The base shoe metal is lightweight and durable and can be installed in various ways to meet the design needs of the structure. The wiring and circuity are seamlessly integrated into the base of the railing.

Railing Posts Systems

Railing Posts

The railing frames and posts can vary. Depending on the system selected by the customer, Mitrex will design the railing system to integrate the electrical connections. The posts are also used to contain the wiring or any other electrical connections.

Railing Cap Systems

Railing Cap

We can also use space inside the cap railing to conceal wiring. There are numerous variations of the railing cap depending on architectural designs. Different solutions can be provided for electrical management, as detailed by the designs.

Installation Systems

Railing Installation

Mitrex SolaRail can be installed as a surface mount, fascia mount, or slab edge mount, depending on the project design. In addition, the Mitrex team provides full solutions during the design development stages to ensure our systems meet your needs.