Mitrex BIPV uses the power of the sun to produce clean electricity. Our systems can be integrated into any building design while meeting all aesthetic needs. These products are backed by an aluminum honeycomb sandwiched between layers of solid aluminum sheets, making it both lightweight and extremely strong. Mitrex cladding panels are an energy-efficient solution for both existing and new facades. These panels also provide thermal resistance and exterior noise control to a building while ensuring durability and safety.

From design and building perspectives, Mitrex BIPV systems have limitless applications. These panels transform typical, single-purpose building materials into multi-purpose cladding that acts as a building envelope while also generating power.


Cladding Advantages

Integrated monocrystalline solar cells with a customizable facing

Lightweight, thin panels allow for seamless surfaces and high installation precision while placing less stress on building foundations


Provides a ventilated rainscreen façade system

Code compliant, fire-resistant, safe, and durable

Same methods of installation as conventional cladding; can be installed on any substrate (metal, concrete, wood)

Highly resistant to moisture, staining and weathering

Enhanced acoustic insulation

Design flexibility, including the size of panels, curves, and corners

At Mitrex, we have two cladding systems:
the Rainscreen System and the Cladicast System

Types of System

Rainscreen System

Our Pressure-Equalized Ventilated Rainscreen System is a highly effective and sustainable moisture management solution. It is designed to eliminate the penetration of rainwater through the rainscreen and allow ventilation. It is specifically designed to allow both static and dynamic pressure equalization across the rainscreen.  Rainwater penetration occurs due to the emergence of water on the wall surface, through windows, or driving forces such as kinetic energy, surface tension, gravity, or air pressure differentials. There are numerous methods available in the building industry to control rainwater penetration into the structure. 

Our Rainscreen System is based on this rainwater penetration control method, which balances the atmospheric pressure throughout the rainscreen. Our wall assembly has three primary components of a rainscreen system, including an outer layer or rainscreen, the inner layer or air barrier, and a pressure equalization chamber (PEC) sealed from sides and vents. This system is designed with an air-water barrier and proper flashing details to drain the rainwater. It is low maintenance, does not require sealants or caulking, and is energy efficient.

Types of System

Attachment Systems

Mitrex systems can use a variety of attachment methods, including:

  • Interlocking Channel system
  • Anchor plate systems
  • Z-clip attachment
  • Adhesive attachment system

Download our Technical Document or more information on our flashing, drainage channels, fastening systems, or curved panels.

Types of System

Cladicast System

Cladicast panels are high quality, durable, economical, environmentally friendly, and factory-produced cladding panels. It is manufactured specifically to the project requirements and architectural features, including shape, colour, and finishes. The applications of Cladicast panels include commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional buildings. It can be installed quickly, saving construction time and money. The panels are fabricated under controlled factory settings, providing advanced quality control, contributing to a more sustainable cladding option. It can be produced and installed year-round regardless of weather conditions. This system provides fire, termite, and mould resistance and can also withstand high wind loads. The use of Cladicast is cost-effective as it is produced in the factory and saves construction time and labour cost. Cladicast panels are designed by integrating the design strategies such as air/vapour control, water control, thermal control, and durability.

Weather Resistant

Cladicast panels have very low porosity and act as a weather barrier.


Cladicast is lightweight compared to traditional precast concrete panels, which allows for easier installation.

Sound & Heat Insulation

Aluminum honeycomb has a unique structure that makes the panels heat and sound resistant.

Design Flexibility

Cladicast panels are available in various shapes, colours, and sizes; they are also lightweight and high in strength.

High Strength

There is a lower risk of tensile and bulking failure due to the honeycomb structure's high strength.

Fire & Corrosion Resistant

Cladicast panels are non-combustible, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and moisture-resistant.

Quick Installation

Easy and quick installation saves time and reduces labour costs.

Quality Control

Cladicast panels are manufactured in a controlled environment which provides a better-quality product.

Aesthetic Variety & Easy to Clean

The cladding finish is available in different colours and textures. The solar facing is maintenance-free as each panel has anti-soling coatings.