Railing Systems

The Mitrex SolaRail system extends solar energy generation to balconies, maximizing energy production on otherwise unused surfaces. The system consists of two layers of laminated, tempered glass on either side of a high-efficiency solar cell. The solar technology can be either monocrystalline silicon solar cells or thin-film, depending on the desired aesthetic. Regardless of the technology used, the solar cells are seamlessly integrated into the railing glass, and all wiring and circuitry are concealed in the railing posts or base.

Mitrex solar railings guarantee strength, durability, safety, and beauty. The application options are boundless; as long as the railing has access to sunlight, solar energy will be passively generated and supplied back to the structure. The railing system can also be customized to meet the desired aesthetic; from the level of transparency to the tint of the balcony glass, the customization extends to metal handrails and posts, with a wealth of options available to suit any design.

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