Mitrex has a sophisticated production process that optimizes the design, fabrication, and installation of building envelope solutions with integrated solar technology.  Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is a fully automated facility designed to produce highly complex laminated façade components in a nearly infinite variety of configurations.  To enable this, we have five distinct production lines that are integrated via a plantwide control network.  These lines work in conjunction with each other to interpret, schedule, manage, and deliver the unique architectural designs our customers demand.  A brief description of each step in our unique process is as follows:

Tempered Glass
Cutting and Conditioning

The first step for all our products is to cut and size the raw materials. They are then conditioned to prepare them for exposure to the outdoors. During these steps, the shape of the finished materials is cut out using CNC machines. Once the basic shapes are created, our patterning as well as specialty coatings are applied and annealed to the glass. For detailed custom cuts, we have a line of manual CNC machines that can add a second level of customizability. 

Electrical Integration

Once annealing is completed, the conditioned cut-outs are integrated with the electrical solar energy components. This automated process enables us to test for quality at every step of the way, from raw PV cell performance to final assembled module quality assurance. Each step of the production line, between the initial placement of components to encapsulation and junction box connection, have testing points to ensure minimum variance in our product quality.

Solar Cell
Aluminum Honeycomb

For our cladding, roofing, and siding products, a key component in the manufacturing process is the final lamination on our custom-built aluminum honeycomb substrate.  This enables our product to be used as a building envelope material mounted directly on the structure or assembled into intricate contours.  Our lamination line automatically cuts and aligns the aluminum slabs to match our previously cut and conditioned surfacing materials. The resins and protective coatings used during this process have been specifically formulated for our unique application and are long-lasting.


Depending on the architectural and aesthetics needs, our finished surfaces can be integrated into assemblies for seamless construction. This is typically done through a combination of aluminum bracket installation in conjunction with adhesives for a custom-fitted contour.

Preassembled Module