Future Products

Mitrex products can be implemented in endless ways. Solar Cladding and SolaRail™ are only two applications of our building-integrated solar technology. We envision a future in which solar power is generated by virtually any surface, and that future can be realized now.

Copy for Each Application Type:

Solar Cladding
Our solar cladding takes advantage of underutilized vertical surfaces of a building to generate electricity.

Integrated balcony glass railing solution that seamlessly provides clean power to the building.

Curtain Wall
Our R&D team is developing the next phase of Mitrex solar glass that will use BIPV technology to make energy-generating, bird-friendly curtain walls.

Rooftop Panels
In the future, we will offer classic rooftop solar panels for any type of structure.

Windows & Skylights
As we advance our BIPV technology, our glass, windows, and skylights will extend the potential energy-generating surfaces of buildings.

Solar Asphalt
We envision a future where even asphalt and sidewalks will generate clean electricity.

Highway Noise Barriers
Our applications include inventive solutions like highway noise barriers that provide clean energy.

Industrial Wall Panels
Even unlikely buildings can benefit from our BIPV technology such as industrial facilities with prefabricated wall panels.

Building Type  (Product Application)

Residential High-rise Condominium / Rental  (Cladding / Railing / Curtainwall / Windows)

Office Building  (Cladding / Railing / Curtainwall / Windows)

Parking Lot (Rooftop Solar pane, Cladding)

Data Center (Cladding, Rooftop)

Stadium (Cladding / Curtainwall / Rooftop solar panel)

Silo and Agricultural Facilities (Cladding, Rooftop)

Airport (Curtainwall / Cladding / Skylight)

School / Education Building (Cladding / Rooftop solar panels / windows, Skylight)

Highway (Solar Sidewalls, Solar Ashpfalt)

Industrial Unit (Cladding / Rooftop solar panel, Wall Assembly)

Warehouse / Distribution center (Cladding / Windows)

Retail Buildings / Malls (Cladding / Skylight / Rooftop solar panel)

Hospitals / Healthcare  (Cladding, windows, Curtain walls, solar rooftop, Solar Raised flooring on the rooftop)

Transportation Stops (Bus stops, train stations) Window wall, walls, skylights.