Solar Roof

Incorporate Solar Energy into Your
Home Without Compromising on Design

As climate change continues to threaten our planet, the importance for each person to reduce their carbon footprint grows. However, typical renewable energy options come with unattractive aesthetics and high costs. With Mitrex Solar Roofs, reducing our carbon emissions is now possible; these modules can be seamlessly integrated to any home on any roof, matching the aesthetics of traditional rooftop options.

Aluminum Honeycomb
Metal Sheet

Solar Roof

Rooftop Energy Generation

Mitrex Solar Roof modules are designed to have the appearance of traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt and slate shingles, with various colours and patterns available. The result is a uniform, aesthetically-pleasing roof. These patterned solar panels feature UV-stable, fade-resistant colours that guarantee an attractive, energy-generating roof for many years. These panels are also maintenance-free as they have anti-soiling coatings that reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt on the surface of the modules. At Mitrex, we balance design with efficiency; although the efficiency of the panels is affected by the colour-treated glass, the adoption of renewable energy generation is still better than nothing at all. We have created solar panels that maximize the energy output of the system while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.


Solar Integrated Roof

Frameless Modules Allow
for Seamless Rooftops

Mitrex Solar Roof panels feature frameless modules that maximize the surface area of energy generation and allow for a seamless, flawless look on your rooftop. In comparison, traditional rooftop panels have unattractive frames that hinder adoption due to poor aesthetics. Mitrex Solar Roof panels are applied over existing rooftops. The panels can be purchased with the Mitrex aluminum honeycomb backing for improved strength and durability or purchased without the honeycomb structure. Regardless of the application, Mitrex Solar Roof is an available, sustainable option that allows everyone to reduce carbon emissions. The installation methods are the same as traditional rooftop panels, meaning that any certified installer can install them anywhere.

Solar Integrated Roof

The Problem of Traditional Rooftop Solar

The problem with traditional rooftop solar panels is the poor aesthetics. The look of conventional blue-black solar panels often ruins the architectural design of residential homes. However, at Mitrex, we believe that sustainability should not be a burden on design. We have designed solar roof modules that match the appearance of typical rooftop building materials, are easy to install, and are priced competitively, all to allow for mass adoption of solar energy.