Solar Railing Design

Turn Your Balcony into
a Micro-Powerplant

Mitrex SolaRail technology extends solar energy generation to balconies. Mitrex solar railings consist of high-efficiency solar cells sandwiched between a front layer of heat-tempered, laminated glass and a back layer of either glass or an aluminum honeycomb. The solar cells are entirely integrated into the railing system, as well as the wiring and circuitry. The railing glass is code compliant and conforms to all safety and durability requirements. The advanced BIPV system makes for invisible solar energy generation that can be incorporated into any design. You can choose the transparency level and the colour tint of the glass, the arrangement of the cells, and the handrail and post design.


Hidden solar cells


Transparency & tint options


Cap handrailing and post design flexibility


Size variations


Invisible wiring and circuitry

Solar Railing Design

Design Your Railings with
Sustainable, Solar Glass

The railing glass can be customized depending on the application. Glass panels are available in transparent or opaque options, and Mitrex can provide bird-friendly glass. Depending on the solar technology used in the system, the design of the solar railings is affected. For thin-film solar technology, the solar cells are concealed and result in a seamless, transparent glass railing design. When monocrystalline solar cells are used, the cell arrangement can feature semi-opaque or transitional cell arrangements on the glass. The railings can also be opaque to mimic a metal railing finish, in which the solar cells are mounted on an aluminum honeycomb for increased structural strength.


Solar Railing Design

Glass Colour

The colour tint of the glass can also be customized. Also, the level of transparency of the railing glass can be tailored to the necessary design. Mitrex has created products that have design in mind. Regardless of the application, from high rises to overpasses, SolaRail guarantees energy generation without compromising on aesthetics.



Solar Railing Design

Adaptable Glass Panel Sizes

Mitrex SolaRail can meet any design need, including the sizes of the railing panels. Depending on the application, the length of the glass may vary to match the architectural designs. Mitrex allows architects to design with sustainability, as standard dimensions do not limit them. Our custom-designed manufacturing line enables us to efficiently produce a variety of glass panels in various sizes. We can also meet specific requirements and assist with the design development of customized modules.

Solar Railing Design

Cap Handrail and
Post Options

Mitrex offers a variety of finishes in the metal handrails and posts to meet the needs of architects and design professionals. We offer many types of cap railing and base shoe options that will allow you to stray true to your design vision, and there is a range of aluminum post colours available. With various handrail and post options that SolaRail has to offer, the possibilities in aesthetics are endless.

Solar Railing Design

Seamless Circuitry

Mitrex makes its SolaRail completely seamless by covering the circuitry and connection points of all the electrical components. This allows for the integration of solar energy to be concealed as the railings themselves have customizable patterns to match the building’s aesthetics and hide the solar cells. SolaRail has many installation options, depending on the needs of your structure. Installation is simple, and we make sure that any wiring from the solar system is safely and invisibly incorporated.