Solar Integrated Glass

Seamless Glass Surfaces
and Design Freedom

To create a stunning structure, the architectural vision must come to life with the right building materials. Mitrex Solar Windows were created with design and functionality in mind, bringing people closer to the natural world while serving an additional purpose of energy generation. Mitrex Solar Glass can be used in place of regular glass or tempered glass without compromising on aesthetics or performance in a variety of window systems used in modern architecture. Our glass products are fully customizable in terms of tints, transparency, size, and function while maximizing the amount of energy produced. Mitrex Solar Glass ranges from fully transparent glass to translucent and transitional, depending on the building’s aesthetic. Mitrex Solar Glass applications in building materials include punch windows, curtainwalls, window walls, and more customizable system solutions.


Seamless solar technology


Advanced monocrystalline
or thin-film solar


Transparency options


Textured glass varieties


Various systems and


Any application


Invisible electrical

Solar Integrated Glass

Limitless Design
Possibilities With Mitrex

Mitrex Solar Windows has transformed a traditional, single-purpose building material into an energy-producing, sustainable, revenue-generating, aesthetically-pleasing, multi-purpose material. Our Solar Glass is available in transparent and semi-opaque options, as well as bird-friendly glass options to suit any application. Depending on the aesthetic desired, we use different solar technologies. Thin-film solar technology is used in cases where a transparent aesthetic is required. Monocrystalline solar technology is used in cases where the glass can showcase both opaque and translucent areas on a single pane. Our Solar Glass can also have various tints and colours applied to meet the design needs of the project. The frame of the glass can be customized to meet any aesthetic, seamlessly integrating solar generating building materials into any structure.

Solar Integrated Glass

Glass Colour

Mitrex Solar Windows can be customized depending on the application. Glass panels are available in transparent or opaque options, and Mitrex can even provide bird-friendly glass. The colour of the glass can also be tailored to the necessary design, and the transparency level can be customized to provide more opaque or transparent glass.



Transparency Level

Solar Integrated Glass

Textured Options
to Enhance Design

Our Solar Windows also use textured glass to produce beautiful, energy-generating glass surfaces. Glass options include low iron, matte solar glass, pyramid solar glass, wood glass, rain glass, and satinlite glass. These textures can add to the beauty of a structure by meeting the architects’ vision of the façade. Mitrex prioritizes the design of their Solar Glass products to increase the adoption of sustainable building materials. Depending on the texture of the glass selected, the efficiency of the solar modules is affected. Some textures increase efficiency, such as solar glass, while others decrease the efficiency, such as wood or rain glass.

Solar Integrated Glass

Limitless Glass Applications
for Any Window

Regardless of the application, Mitrex has designed solar glass to meet any design or system requirement. Mitrex has designed solar glass systems that can be incorporated into curtainwalls, window walls, punch windows, picture windows, hung windows, skylights, and more. Architects and designers should not have to choose between sustainability and aesthetics. Mitrex systems can be tailored to fit any application while ensuring beauty and functionality.

Solar Integrated Glass

The Problem with Traditional Window Systems

Mitrex Solar Glass systems are designed to replace traditional, non-solar glass in every application. The goal of Mitrex is to integrate solar technology into every material that has access to sunlight. This will reduce global carbon emissions and allows owners to passively generate revenue and supplement their energy generation with renewable power. The integration of solar energy transforms single-purpose building materials into multi-purpose materials and changes how we see our structures.